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...And when Miss Yakima talks, people listen! Check out the many excellent light 
fixtures in the collections below.  If you would like to call and consult with us, pick 
up the phone and dial 509-535-5098. Since you asked: we are located in Spokane, Washington, which is pacific time.

Beacon Hill lights Lake Louise rustic lighting
Bear Territory collection Log Canyon rustic lighting
Black Forest collection Cannon Hill collection 
Bold Cowboy rustic lighting Old Faithful and Jacksonville lights
Brush Wood rustic lighting Old Mission and Comstock lights
Candlebra lights Old West rustic lighting 
Canopy of Branches & Branch View Pine Meadows lights
Century lamps Red Wing collection
Copper Creek lights Rocky Top collection 
Crater Lake and Mt. Rainier lights Timber Ridge lights
Deer, Elk, and Moose territory Vanity, table and swing arm lights
Drop mount ceiling fixtures West Coast lights
Grand Teton and Wild Forest lights Wild West lights
Hickory Sticks collection Lithia Park and Yosemite lights
Forged Iron collection Swinging door saloon lights
Port Orford collection Bitterroot Mountain collection
Mighty Acorn and Gingko lights misc. lights


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Light up your life!  Even in a Rustic Home you need good lighting and our Rustic Lighting will help you  create just the mood you are trying to achieve in your Rustic Home.  Whether it be lighting to set a special mood or lighting to brighten up a room or even lighting to  show off your beautiful rustic home to the world, we have it.  As you stroll through our web pages you will want to be building rooms around our Rustic Lighting!  Your friends and relatives will be amazed when they see the ambiance created by your choice of unique and creative lights.  Choices?  You have many fabulous choices in our web catalog.  Just think, lighting for every mood....  Sit on your rustic porch not only by the light of the silvery moon but by the light of your Rustic Lighting. Ambiance and rustic lighting go hand in hand. After you mosey into the house switch on the interior Rustic Lights and enjoy a good book by the fire.  Have dinner by the glow of your rustic chandelier and as the day wanes into night turn on the ambiance with mood lights, work lights, bathroom lights, hallway lights.  Each of our lights is hand crafted by highly skilled artisans. Do you need your lighting finished in black? We have it!  Do you need it in a rust look?  We have it!  If the lights you want  are for the out of doors, we have a special broasted finished that looks like rust  but is instead called  broasted finish.  The broasted finish is EPA approved for wet and damp locations.  Of course you can always choose black!  There are also choices for the glass or mica in the lights.  Choices?  We have choices!  Mica - both amber and white;  seeded glass.  Do surf our website!! We think you'll be pretty excited about the variety that you have stumbled upon! You might even consider finding just the right Rustic Light for your office area.  You might want to spend your whole day there! Well, just kidding.  You will most likely want to sit and admire all your new lights or even have a party to celebrate that your cabin decorating is complete with with all the ambiance and class that you could ever dream of.  Think of your log cabin, your ranch, your lodge at the lake or river....just think what you can do and it!  You will be able to take that just so-so rustic home and make it the home of your dreams.  If it a weekend home, you will want to live there permanently or you might even want to convert your year around home into another Rustic Home of your dreams.  Go for it!  You will never regret putting the finest Rustic Lighting into your home and we are more than happy to help you! 

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